Ojooo Wad Review - Highest Paying PTC for Earn Money By Viewing Ads

How to Earn Money from Ojooo Wad - Ojooo Review and Tutorial

Ojooo Wad is the Best and Highest Paying PTC Site for Earn Money By Viewing Ads, Here is full Tutorial for learn How to Earn from Ojooo with Payment proof. You can earn lots of Money by simply clicking the ads, Ojooo Wad is a Legit PTC Site that will Really Allow You To Make Money Online at Home.

Article Step by Step

  • What is Ojooo wad?
  • Ojooo wad scam or legit?
  • How can you register on Ojooo?
  • How to earn from ojooo?
  • How to view ads for earn?
  • How to earn more by Referral?
  • How to cash out funds?
  • How to settings everything?
  • Payment Proof
  • Ojooo Wad All Video Tutorial

What is Ojooo wad?

"Ojooo wad" is a trusted Paid-To-Click (PTC) earning site services provided by Ojooo Communication LTD Cyprus. you can easily earn unlimited income from Ojooo wad . They provide many offer and viewing ads to Earn Money online without any Investment. You can also increase your income by Direct Referrals or rented referrals. Start to earn more for watching ads on your mobile phone.

Ojooo Wad Benefits - Ojooo Tutorial

Ojooo wad scam or legit?

Ojooo wad scam or legit?

Ojooo wad is 100% legit site. Why we believe in Ojooo? Answer is simple, this site have unique script and behind them stays name of real company Ojooo.com which is German mail service. They also improve anti-cheat system that no one can use bots or computer programs to view advertisements.

How can you register on Ojooo wad?

Step 1: First of all you need to go Ojooo wad or click on Sign Up Button

freebitco sign up

Ojooo Earn Money - Ojooo Video Tutorial

Step 2: This is Ojooo Sign up! page

Ojooo Wad Sign Up Form

Step 3: Enter your personal Informations. example...

Create Ojooo wad Account

Step 4: Complete reCaptcha you can also Change Solve Media captcha (if you wnat to change captcha just click on Switch captcha to another captcha) and Click on Yes check box for accept Terms of Service agreement Then click Register Button.

Ojooo Wad Sign Up

Step 5: *Upon completing the registration you will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. check your email inbox and Click on the link. that's it

If you face "Your IP is already being used?" problem and If you want to solve this problem just watch this video tutorial. Ojooo IP Problem 100% Solve or follow this post Click Here

How to Earn Money from Ojooo Wad?

Once you Have signed up and login to your account and click on “Paid to click ads” from top menu.

Follow this image

Ojooo Refer Earn Info Ojooo Paid to Click Ads

Then you can see Ojooo 3 type ads (Ojooo Offers, Fixed ad, Paid to click advertisement) in Ojooo "Paid to click ads Page. Example here...

Ojooo Offers Ads and Fixed Ads Ojooo wad Paid to click advertisement

Click on the ads for view ads and earn Money

Ojooo Wad Ads View

When you click on ad then automatically open in new tab

Ojooo Ads Viewing

Wait 5 or 10 or 30 Seconds for Completing ads view

Complate View Ads

Make sure to click every ad you see in order to earn your first money. You need to do this every day! Many people fail because they don’t have the patience and quit after a few days or weeks. Keep clicking ads every day! This is crucial in order to build your income.

How to Earn More by Referral?

Use Ojooo wad referral program and Recommend Ojooo Watching Ad to others and get rewarded for that. You get credited for every click of your referral. Also you can get up to 20$ bonus, which your referral will upgrade his account to Privilege.

How to Earn More by Referral

You can find your Referral program option from Ojooo Left Menu Referrals

  • Direct referrals: Here you can see your all Direct referrals list
  • Rented Referrals: Here you can view your all Rented Referrals list
  • Referral Tools: Here you can find your Referrals link and Banner
  • Statistics: Here you can view your Direct referrals click Statistic

How to Cashout from Ojooo Wad?

Here you can know How to withdraw money from Ojooo wad? Now Ojooo Wad paying via Bitcoin, If you have $6 you can cash out your funds from Ojooo account.

Ojooo Cashout

Click on the Cash out funds from left menu, then you can see like this.

How to Withdraw from Ojooo

After confirm click on the Cashout via Bitcoin then you can see like this.

Ojooo Wad Payment

Then you can see fainal Confirm ojooo says Are you sure? you need to Click on OK button for Confirm Withdraw, Then you can see.

Ojooo Payment Proof

Ojooo Wad Payment Proof

Click here to view: Ojooo Wad All Payment Proofs

Ojooo Wad All Video Tutorial


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